Elly Stevens was born and raised a city girl in Rochester, New York, in a family of story-tellers. "Remember when..." were often the first words at every family gathering. At a very early age, Elly was writing fictional stories and scripts with characters from the 1950s TV shows like The Thin Man for her and her friends to act out. In her teens at Nazareth Academy, she worked on the staff of the high school's literary magazine, Spectrum. Following her dream of writing, she joined the Publications group at Eastman Kodak Company where she held several positions including technical editor and the consumer-relationship management (CRM) team project manager for KODAK Digital Camera e-mail marketing campaigns. After Elly retired in 2004, she enjoyed her rural house and gardens on Lake Ontario, and, with her husband Jeff, had the house torn down to the studs and rebuilt. She also tended to her granddaughter, primarily in her pre-school years, and reveled in a "second childhood." It wasn't until a former co-worker, Joe Janowicz, contacted Elly to edit his first novel, Bang-Bang You're Dead, in 2018 that she picked up writing again. Her first book, a memoir, Searching for Serenity in My Crazy Life, allows a peek into many of the real-life experiences with her family and friends. Her second book, Dangerous Passion, is a fictional story of relationships, choices, passions, and ultimately...murder. Connect with Elly at https://www.facebook.com/EllyStevensAuthor.